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Head of Post-Production

Lawrence Thunell grew up in Costa Mesa, CA and attended Chapman University where he received his BA in Theatre Performance / Minor in History. After several years of "the struggle" in Los Angeles he found his stride as an Actor/VO Artist and Editor. His credits include several national commercials as an on camera talent and voice artist (STARBUCKS, 76 GAS, DOLLAR SHAVE CLUB).


In addition, he has been working as the Night Lead Assistant Editor on THE BACHELORE franchise for over six years. He has honed his technical skills as well as his ability to tell stories from pre-production through post-production and is happy to bring his knowledge and unique voice to Jackalope Studio. He looks forward to bringing new stories to life and coordinating with his absurdly talented friends to reach the best finished product they can provide. A lover of all forms of storytelling; he wants to challenge, inform and help people escape.

"Love, laughter and tacos." -Lawrence

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